About us

About Us

Más que espacios was born to support different social, creative and innovative spaces. Through this platform we connect brands, NGOs, administrations and companies with new projects that are opening spaces in Madrid and Barcelona – and soon in other cities.

We have a close relationship with each of the event spaces that you will find on this page, so we will be able to help you choose the one that best suits your logistical needs and also the space that best resonates with the message you want to transmit.

Be sure to call us if you need ideas for your next conference, performance, meeting, showroom or any other type of event. We would love to help you find the best location.


Más que espacios is an initiative of Ephimera. We specialize in connecting businesses with potential new customers through technology. In addition to this platform, we are the creators of the marketplaces La Francachela and Artilujos.

If you want to contact us, write to hello@ephimera.org or find us on Facebook or on Twitter.

If you have a space and you would like it to appear on Mas que Espacios click Here.