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La Francachela

La Francachela is a new gastronomic venue situated at Medialab-Prado, Matadero and Talent Garden, social innovation centers recognized as leaders in technology, co-operation, data, collective intelligence, arts, etc. La Francachela was born from the first organic market in Madrid, once a space to meet organic producers, artisanal producers and local producers. Now it has taken…

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Terraza LOOM Princesa en el centro de Madrid con estilo street art para alquilar, es ideal para coworking

Espacio Plaza de España

Plaza de España Venue is a pioneering initiative in co-working and the impetus of creativity. You will be surprised by design elements such as the street art that decorates the terrace of this unique venue on Princess Street (Calle Princesa). With 300 sq meters of open space and 5 auxiliary meeting rooms, the Spain Square…

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Alquiler de terraza LOOM Huertas en el centro de Madrid, ideal para organizar sesiones de trabajo con varios grupos.

Espacio Huertas

Huertas Venue / LOOM Huertas is a pioneering initiative in co-working and the impetus of creativity. At this venue, in a former palace on Huertas Street (calle Huertas), you will be surprised by the refurbishment, which combines the flora of the vertical gardens with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. This venue really shines through its balconies and…

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Espacio Diario Madrid para alquilar en Madrid, bien equipado, ideal para actos y eventos de marca y empresa.

Great Industrial Nave

The space for events: Great Industrial Nave, is a space situated in the center of Madrid. In its renovation it has preserved its industrial ambient and the unique architecture of its 1600m sq which is spread out between 2 grand areas. In these rooms there is an intense amount of activity with about 250,000 people…

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Alquiler de la Sala coworking Barcelona con 120 m2 de espacio para reuniones o pequeños encuentros en la Plaza Real.

Coworking Space Barcelona

The Coworking Space Barcelona has 120m sq for meetings or small gatherings in the emblematic Plaza Real de Barcelona, a place of pilgrimage that sees more than 10 million visitors annually, and one of the most filmed and photographed spots in the city, recognized for its chameleon-esque texture in different times of the day. The…

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Espacio Madrid

With 400 sq meters and a capacity of 250 people, “Espacio Madrid”, with more than a century of history, is the perfect venue for your meetings, product launches, exhibitions, cocktails and all kinds of events. Situated right in the center of Madrid, in the Alonso Martinez area, it’s a versatile venue full of natural light…

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Espacio Ephimera en Madrid


Ephimera is a space in the heart of Madrid, in one of the main commercial streets of the capital. It can be accessed by foot at street level and has a facade of nearly 10 meters. It’s a new and original venue in the center of the city. If the work of the future is…

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