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2000 m2

290 pax

5 rooms

Casa del Lector is an international center for research, development and innovation of reading, integrated in the cultural complex of Matadero Madrid. IT has two large warehouse spaces available, on both sides of the central corridor of Matadero, one of which is the outstanding auditorium with a capacity of 300 people.

It is an exceptional venue, renovated by Antón García-Abril and designed by Alberto Corazón that boasts the latest technology in projection, lighting, sound, and air conditioning.

Next to the auditorium, Casa del Lector has several auxiliary rooms available: meeting rooms, protocol rooms, dressing rooms and an entrance hall with cloakroom, as well as open spaces for receptions.

The Casa del Lector is a place where it’s possible to experiment with reading, its latest developments, its promotion, or the training of its intermediaries. A unique venue where the general public and the professional world can mix together; adults, young people, and children; the written word, the image, and the art. There is no expression of culture that, for your knowledge and enjoyment, doesn’t require a complete reading exercise.

A venue available for exhibitions, conferences, training courses, creative workshops, festivals of music, cinema and art, together with applied research, among many other events.