800 m2

120 pax

11 rooms

Huertas Venue / LOOM Huertas is a pioneering initiative in co-working and the impetus of creativity. At this venue, in a former palace on Huertas Street (calle Huertas), you will be surprised by the refurbishment, which combines the flora of the vertical gardens with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. This venue really shines through its balconies and terrace, where you can enjoy the rooftops of the capital. 

With 550 sq meters of open space and 11 auxiliary meeting rooms, across 4 floors, the Huertas Venue is perfect for organizing work sessions with many groups. Its location in one of the most commercial streets of Madrid also makes it a perfect space for pop-ups and product launches.

The purpose of the venue is the promotion and impetus of inspiration and creativity, helping the workers connect their talents and strengths. All of this makes the creation of unique work environments possible.