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The space for events: Great Industrial Nave, is a space situated in the center of Madrid. In its renovation it has preserved its industrial ambient and the unique architecture of its 1600m sq which is spread out between 2 grand areas. In these rooms there is an intense amount of activity with about 250,000 people visiting annually. It is a perfect space for large events, from presentations to showrooms.


This space has a surface area of 347.30m sq. It is the easiest to access for any type of event, and it also has great exposure to the public. It is very versatile in terms of lighting as it has pleasant natural light, thanks to the translucent wall, although it can be totally darkened through an electrical system of stores which can be controlled sector by sector. It is ideal for exhibitions, stands, presentations, photo shoots and fashion shows.


The area of the extension is 202.90m sq. It is the buffer zone between the 2 largest rooms. It shares the same characteristics of natural light and ability to darken that The Hall has. It is suitable for exhibitions, stands, conferences, presentations, photo shoots, etc.


Its surface area is 412.55m sq. It is a beautiful room of square proportions, with an evocative natural light, sizable electrical system of stores. Ideal for exhibitions, catwalks, big events, parties, workshops with great participation, photographic sessions, etc.


The surface space of this area is 110m sq. This room is isolated from the exhibition area and has a capacity of up to 120 people seated. It is perfect for conferences, round tables, presentations, workshops, small exhibitions, or as a dressing room for fashion events with runway.


Its surface area is 94.40m sq. This room has a special charm due to its mixed characteristics: somewhere between exhibition and conference room. It is insulated from the exhibition space but can be connected – through a system of revolving doors. Therefore it can accommodate all kinds of activities. It is also ideal as a dressing room for runway events.